3 July 2022 22:51.
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Questions and Answers

No, Nova-Pijaca is free to use.

However, you can boost your ads with our packages that will highlight and bump up your ads in search results to sell faster.

To be able to post an ad for free, you must create an account and be logged into Nova-Pijaca. Then you can post an ad in seconds from your dashboard or by clicking on the “Post An Ad” button.

You can access Nova-Pijaca and manage all your ads on smartphone, tablet, computer and smart TV.

We are currently developing an app for Android and IOS !

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If you have sold your business through Nova-Pijaca and want to remove your ad, you need to go to your dashboard > Ad Listings.

Find the ad you want to delete and in the “Action” column, click on the red trash can icon to delete it immediately.

If you wish to remove an ad for an object, for an activity or for a rental without permanently deleting the ad, you must go to dashboard> Ad Listings> Click on the “Pencil” button to edit the ad> Put the status on “Close” and your ad will disappear from the search results.

All ads published on Nova-Pijaca are verified by our team.

If, despite everything, you notice an ad that does not comply with our policy, you can report it via a form (directly on the ad page)

We understand that you may not want to publish your phone number and email address on the internet.

To be able to be contacted by members interested in your ad without publishing your details, we have set up a chat which will allow you to chat directly on Nova-Pijaca (in your dashboard> Messages)

In order for your ad to appear on the map (in the search results), you must provide the longitude and latitude (approximate).

To get this data, go to Google Map, find your location and click on it, Google will offer to copy your longitude and latitude.

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